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Forest Slides

You want to tell your organisation’s story. All you have for a brief are three words – make it engrossing. Consider it done. You want to create an interactive PowerPoint e-learning module for the kindergartners. Without you telling us, we know that the challenge is to hold their attention and make them sit through. At Forest Slides, we make PowerPoint and Keynote presentations for billion dollar corporations and humble start-ups. Our mission is to bust the myth that PowerPoint or Keynote presentations are all about bullet points, boring graphs and corporate jargon. They can be entertaining, engaging and educating. Welcome to Forest Slides, a dedicated presentation design wing of Forest Creative.

What goes into a good PowerPoint / Keynote presentation? Words, infographics, photographs, animation, videos, voice over… The purpose is not to make presentations complex, but to create narratives that are concise, easy to follow and thoroughly engaging.With over a decade’s experience in the business of advertising and communication and a dedicated team of presentation professionals, we make presentations that are awe-inspiring.Whether you’ve a lavish budget to splurge or a shoestring one, Forest Slides is the go-to place for you. Without compromising on quality or forgoing your budget, we’ll prepare your presentation to suit your needs.

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Static Presentation

We highly recommend that you go for the static presentation, if your goal is to present your case in a simple yet powerful manner.With text, numbers and good graphics, a static presentation can be engaging and entertaining. At the same time,it can stay well within your budget.

Dynamic + Infographics Presentation

Have a complex topic to present? A dynamic + infographics presentation is just what you need. While on the one hand it can hold the viewers’ attention, on the other it can be used to elucidate some of the not-so-easy-to-comprehend points.

Illustrated Presentation

An illustrated presentation can engage, educate and entertain the audience. Be it for an induction programme for the newly-hired employees / new batch of students or to narrate a story about the ‘garage-origins’ of your organisations, an illustrated presentation is the right bet.

Interactive Presentation

When your audience get to interact with your presentation, you can be sure that it will go a long way. Making your presentation interactive is a sure-fire way to win the audience as it works for all kinds of audience and all age groups.