Success Story - 01


2018 - 2019





Narayana Health exponentially grows its website traffic through top-notch digital campaigns

Founded by Dr. Devi Shetty in 2003, Narayana Health is a renowned hospital group operating a network of hospitals across India. NH has 23 hospitals, 7 heart centers, 19 primary care facilities across India and an international hospital in the Cayman Islands. The hospital aims to deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare services to the broader population by leveraging the economies of scale, skilled doctors, and an efficient business model.


Challenges Faced

Like every organisation trying to optimize their digital space, NH was actively in search of a strategic partner to maximize their online presence. Even with leading medical specialities like Left Ventricular Assist Device [LVAD] and Artificial Heart Transplantation program, somehow, their brand awareness was lacking the much-deserved acknowledgment as compared to their counterparts.

They were in search of a strategic solutions partner to enhance their medical specialities on the digital space. This will help in achieving the following for NH:

  • Increased brand awareness online through social media paid campaigns (Facebook, Instagram & Google Display Network)
  • To promote their corporate tie-up packages through LinkedIn & Google paid campaigns (B2B)
  • Awareness of medical specialities available at their hospitals
  • Accessibility of critical medical care for patients in need
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Our Approach

Forest received the inquiry from Narayana Health regarding their concerns. So, we made an appointment with the marketing representatives of Narayana Health to know their requirements. Post our meeting, our team drafted a detailed plan to help NH meet their desired goal.

Strategy planned

We found out that their keyword structure wasn’t organized. So, the first thing we did was, break down and categorize their keywords. Post that, we pushed enough content in the form of blogs, testimonials, case studies etc to support each keyword in the group.

Technical Approach
  • Clearly optimised title tags
  • Proper implementation of meta description
  • Integration of image alt tags & descriptions
  • Schema markup
  • Guest posting in websites with high page ranks
  • Proper internal linking across the site
  • Using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) in our copies
  • Improving site loading speed by :
    • Minimizing HTTP requests
    • Reducing server response time
    • Optimizing CSS delivery
    • Enabling a suitable compression rate


SEO -The results started showing momentum with page 1 keyword rankings after 7 - 8 months. After completing 10-months NH was clocking a 43% increase in page 1 ranking in Google SERP. The approach taken by us helped them to increase their brand awareness two-folds. The hospital successfully saw a spike of 10- 12% increase in Left Ventricular Assist Device [LVAD] implantation and Artificial Heart Transplantation program through organic inquiries.

Paid Medium
Google (GDN+GSN) Facebook/Instagram LinkedIn (B2B)
Impressions - 1.5M Impressions - 980K
Clicks - 65K Clicks - 45K
Leads - 3.5-4K Leads - 7K Leads - 450
Key Takeouts

43% increase in page 1 rankings

120% increase in page views

Increased hospital surgeries through online mediums by 15%