Success Story - 02




5 months



Rittal achieves a 31% increase in traffic on their website due to successful digital campaigns.

Rittal is a German company manufacturing electrical enclosures for use in industrial settings. Founded in 1961, Rittal is a subsidiary of the Friedhelm Loh Group with branches around the world including India. "Rittal offers a perfectly coordinated system platform where it unites innovative productions, pioneer engineering solutions and global service to accommodate the most diverse requirements. It caters to a whole host of industries, from machinery and plant engineering to the automotive industry, through to information technology

Challenges Faced

Rittal found that overall organic traffic to their website for non-branded keywords was very low. Compared to Siemens - their major competitor, Rittal was facing a downfall in their organic SERP rankings even after having a wide range of products & services. Their competitors, on the other hand, were scaling up much better on the non-branded keywords of their respective industries. The goals were to surpass last year’s performance and cut into the market share of their largest competitor.

As Rittal is a B2B company, they wanted to increase their quality leads generated through Google and LinkedIn.

  • Increased brand awareness online through social media paid campaigns (Facebook, Instagram & Google Display Network)
  • To promote their corporate tie-up packages through LinkedIn & Google paid campaigns (B2B)
  • Awareness of medical specialities available at their hospitals
  • Accessibility of critical medical care for patients in need
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Our Approach

Rittal approached Forest to simplify their requirements. Upon meeting their marketing executives, our team got a clearer picture of their needs which helped us to formulate a strategy. We brainstormed a strategic plan to help Rittal meet their needs.

Strategy planned

We provided ourselves with the task of figuring out how to improve overall organic traffic to the website from non-branded keywords. Rittal provides a wide range of products like Blue e+ (Cooling Units), Edge (Data Center), DK PS (IT Enclosure Systems) etc with a range of features. This, in turn, congested their site, while only their brand keywords (Blue e+ & Edge) were ranking. In order to rank their non-branded keywords, we ran a pilot creating separate pages for each of their wide range of products. These pages were specific for one product and also it pushed enough content to target the non-branded keywords.

Technical Approach
  • Making internal links to the website
  • Using rich snippets, schema and microdata
  • Reducing bounce rate and pogosticking
  • Creating AMP codes for quicker accessibility through mobiles
  • Guest posting in websites with higher page rank


The results started showing momentum with page 1 non-branded keyword rankings after 8-10 months. After completing 12-months Rittal was clocking a 34% increase in page 1 ranking in Google SERP. The approach taken by us helped them to increase their brand awareness two-folds. After one year of implementation of our strategy, Rittal saw a 15-20% increase in their online inquiries.

Google (GDN+GSN) LinkedIn (B2B)
Impressions - 200K
Clicks - 34K
Leads - 1.5K Leads - 950
Key Takeouts

43% increase in page 1 rankings

150%increase in page visits

Increased sale of products through online inquiries by 15-23%